At Oxgenie Technologies Pvt Ltd, we believe in providing a value added service to our clients. We strongly believe in a very organized development effort which is backed by excellent client communication at every stage of development. Please have a look at how our development effort is a smooth transition from client’s idea to a working business solution.

Procurement Phase :

At this stage, we take a lot of efforts to understand the vision & thoughts of client. We strongly believe that any application is not only a software development but it is a backed with a business vision & business model. Understanding that will help us to come up with constructive suggestions making the product better.

Client’s confidential information has utmost importance to us. We sign a Non-disclosure agreement with clients ensuring the confidentiality of their business idea & code.

Understanding peculiar market conditions in client’s country is also crucial as every country will have a different legal framework & priorities of end users will also change.

After getting a clarity on the above factors, we also recommend suitable technology for the development. Sometimes at the beginning, we also come up with a proof of concept & show it to the client. The proof of concept may be in the form of screen designs or mostly it is shown through a powerpoint presentation.

Planning Phase :

At this stage, we provide a complete cost & time estimate to our client. We provide a complete time table of the work plan in the beginning.

We choose the developers with right skill sets, and share their skype IDs with client. For the clients who prefer to talk to single point of contact, our Team Leader, co-ordinates communication from both the sides.

As we are a team of 95+ technocrats with diversified skill sets, getting help on additional technologies is easy & quick from our side. We also ramp up or ramp down the development team as per business requirements which is included in our work plan.

Development Phase :

This is the most crucial stage where we deliver excellent quality work on time. We adopt following different things to achieve this objective.

We follow Scrum Methodology for project Management. It ensures a streamlined and organized development effort. Every developer picks his own tasks & all the development work is planned for short and long term goals. Further, periodically, we ensure that we have understood client’s requirement in the same sense that he wants us to & also re-confirm further development path. This avoids gap in understanding & wastage of time & effort due to that.

We adjust our work time to overlap client’s time for at least 3-4 hours, so we can communicate to you daily.

The Client gets a periodical demonstration of work by showing active screens through tools like WebEx. We also provide milestone based periodical deliveries, by uploading work to client’s domain.

The client gets a weekly written report of work done.

Quality Analysis :

Our tester/QA is involved in the process from first day who ensures that development is going ahead as per client goals, & he flushes out most of the defects in the development stage itself. We have a Fully Documented Test Plans and Test Cases, for following main aspects viz Functional Testing, Integration Testing, Automated Regression Testing, User Acceptance Testing.

We also perform the following activities

  • Peer Testing
  • Code Review
  • Unit Testing
  • Creation of test cases and execution plan
  • Test Plan

Bug Tracking & Resolution :

For issue tracking we use different tools/ticketing system like Zoho, Bugzilla, Mentis, Ontime etc. This ensures a swift process for bug tracking & resolution in development phase & also in post release phase. The client can report the issues & can see those getting resolved. Within the development phase, the issues raised by client by seeing the test server are reproduced on staging server by development team to understand, & are resolved.

After product release, if a bug is reported, Ethical Science records the steps to reproduce the bug, steps taken to resolve the bug, changes made to various pages & code to resolve the bug & a complete release document for every bug with timelines of every bug resolution.

Configuration Management & Version Control :

For this we typically follow the client requirements. We use different tools like VSS, CVS, SVN for version control.

Support :

We provide a post release support to our clients. In this time window based on agreement, the client uses the application & reports issues if any. We fix those issues immediately.

Oxgenie Technologies Pvt Ltd. Edge :

Each member of the Oxgenie Technologies Pvt Ltd. management team has worked for more than a decade, for many prestigious clients. So, in addition to development expertise, we also possess, excellent business understanding skills. This helps us to come up with innovative suggestions while developing the application.